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What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation?

Neuropsychological Evaluations in Little Rock, Arkansas

A neuropsychological evaluation will include an interview, a review of records, and neuropsychological testing. The neuropsychological testing will vary depending on what the neuropsychologist is trying to measure and what questions they are attempting to answer. Neuropsychologists frequently assess for strengths and/or weaknesses in the following areas:

  1. Memory (long-term/short-term and verbal/visual)

  2. Attention and concentration

  3. Planning, impulse control, working memory, cognitive flexibility, and organization

  4. Motor ability

  5. Spatial ability

  6. Auditory and visual processing

  7. Language ability

  8. Sensory development and integration

  9. Social skill development

The tests provided are specialized tools which allow the neuropsychologist to compare the individual’s ability on various tasks to the abilities of others. Comparisons can be made to the general population or specific groups (such as individuals with dementia, schizophrenia, a traumatic brain injury, or intellectual disability). Typically, the person undergoing the evaluation will be asked to participate in many tasks. These vary greatly and can include naming images, providing verbal lists of information, recalling stories or lists, manipulating objects with one or both hands, drawing various images, and looking for patterns.

Individuals who will benefit from neuropsychological testing may include those who have experienced or believe they may be experiencing problems related to stroke, seizure, traumatic brain injury, dementia, learning disorder, intellectual disability, ADHD, autism, other neurologic disorders, and even depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

Neuropsychological evaluations may be particularly important for those individuals who require or desire an evaluation for fitness for duty, personal injury, disability, or workers compensation. They are also important for individuals who seek an IEP for their child.

Expert Psychological Evaluations offer neuropsychological evaluations for adults and children in the Little Rock and central Arkansas area. If you are in the Little Rock area or have further questions about neuropsychological testing, Brittani Baldwin Gracey can be contacted by phone at 501-444-2182.

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