Benjamin Silber, Ph.D.

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Benjamin Silber, Forensic Psychologist in Little Rock, AR, does Forensic Psychological Evaluations

Ben Silber is a licensed clinical psychologist based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Following specialized training in psychological assessment and forensic evaluation at Patton State Hospital (California), he completed a predoctoral internship at the federal correctional complex in Butner, NC where he received further training in forensic psychology and the treatment of severe mental illness. He completed a formal postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology at the Arkansas State Hospital and obtained a position as a forensic psychologist there the following year. Dr. Silber has a tireless and dedicated passion for forensic psychology and continues to pursue advanced training and new opportunities whenever and wherever available. He brings his enthusiasm, energy, and conscientiousness to every evaluation and referral.


His abbreviated curriculum vitae is available here.


Please feel free to call (501-444-2688) or message him with any questions or referrals.

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