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Pulaski County Courthouse, Little Rock, Arkansas



Expert Psychological Evaluations' psychologists offer consultation on:

  1. Forensic report writing, diagnosis, and evaluation - When an attorney's client is met with an unfavorable outcome on a psychological evaluation, consultation can be pivotal in developing a case. Consultation can focus on pointing out flaws in methodology, psychological testing, application of research, application of legal or ethical standards, conclusions without basis or evidence, or use of diagnostic criteria. Evidence of bias (by the initial examiner) toward or against the client can also be examined. When the report and evaluation are sound, consultation may also assist the attorney and client in determining when it is best to settle, plead, or make an offer. 

  2. Trial or Case Consultant: This may include assistance with trial and deposition preparation or assistance with cross examination of opposing experts. Expert Psychological Evaluations' psychologists will research the literature relevant to the specific nature of the case and provide direct and clear applications of this information for cross examination (e.g., assisting in developing a line of examination).


An Overview:

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