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Expert Psychological Evaluations office in Little Rock, Arkansas



Specializing in forensic and clinical evaluations, consultation, and testimony.





At Expert Psychological Evaluations, we provide high-quality and thorough psychological services and believe in applying current research and techniques to the field of psychological evaluation for all our clients. Forensic evaluations, clinical evaluations, consultation, and testimony are our specialties. Our services meet the highest professional and ethical standards. A forensic and clinical psychologist is only as good as their expertise and integrity. We take this seriously and ensure our work reflects these characteristics. We guarantee

  • Forensic evaluations and clinical evaluations are performed according to the most current guidelines in forensic and clinical psychology;

  • Reports are written in clear, detailed, and understandable language, based on thorough research and comprehensive evaluation; and

  • Careful and thoughtful attention is given to providing reports which are relevant and do not needlessly contain prejudicial information. 

In order to provide the most credible, accurate, objective, and pragmatic report, information is provided which:

  • Directly answers the referral question with a forensic or clinical opinion, 

  • Provides supporting evidence for the forensic or clinical opinion, 

  • Describes contradictory evidence, if present, and 

  • Provides an explanation for why the contradictory information is insufficient to overturn the forensic or clinical opinion.

Our approach serves as an opportunity to potentially answer questions and concerns the reader may have, offers transparency, functions as a thought experiment for the psychologist who must look at all pieces of information and challenge their own thinking, and preemptively cross-examine the evidence on both sides of the referral question.  

Capitol Building in Little Rock, Arkansas
Federal Courthouse, Little Rock, Arkansas


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