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Postdoctoral Fellowship in
Forensic Psychology

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Expert Psychological Evaluations

We are a forensic psychology private practice located in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. We conduct psychological evaluations across a range of referral questions, which broadly fall into the areas of criminal, personal injury, employment, disability, immigration, and family law.

About Our Fellowship

Our fellowship provides intensive training in forensic psychological assessment. Fellows focus their training in the areas of criminal, disability, and immigration law cases. Fellows receive supervision, opportunities to testify and observe testimony; assessment experience in prisons, jails, and hospitals; and training across a year-long forensic psychology didactic sequence.

What We Offer

In addition to the training, supervision, and forensic/clinical experience, fellows will receive benefits (e.g., health, vision, and dental insurance), vacation, and an annual income of $65,000, with additional opportunities for earning income if desired.

Training Opportunities

You will learn how to administer and interpret Forensic Assessment Instruments (FAIs), testify effectively, work with attorneys, utilize interpreters, write forensic reports, consult, and integrate research and best practices into your forensic and clinical work.

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Additional Benefits

Along with your own office, you will be given access to the office tower gym, conference rooms, and break room (pictured to the left). We also offer intensive preparation for board certification in forensic psychology.



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