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Abigail Taylor, Psy.D. 
Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Abigail Taylor, Psy.D., forensic psychologist at Expert Psychological Evaluations

Abigail Taylor is a licensed clinical psychologist located in Little Rock, Arkansas. At Expert Psychological Evaluations, she provides psychological evaluations to address various referral questions, including assessment of parental fitness and other specialized family law evaluations. She is also a member of the postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology faculty.

Dr. Taylor has conducted evaluations for individuals referred through the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program. She was also employed by a forensic neuropsychologist to assist with social investigations (formerly referred to as child custody evaluations). Dr. Taylor later sought additional, intensive training at the highly esteemed Psychological Affiliates practice in Orlando, Florida. There, she assisted in conducting social investigations and independently conducted parental fitness and psychosexual evaluations, conducting well over 100 psychological evaluations of children, parents, and other caretakers. 

Many individuals referred to Dr. Taylor were pending divorce proceedings and/or had experienced the removal of children from their family home. Most cases involved allegations of abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional), neglect (including medical neglect), substance abuse, family violence threatening the child, inadequate supervision, homelessness or housing instability, environmental hazards, intellectual disability, caretakers with a history of sexual offending, previous order terminating parental rights to other children, and untreated or under-treated mental illness. Dr. Taylor has testified to her findings in family courts in the State of Florida, typically in proceedings pending termination to parental rights. 

She served as a mental health consultant for the Child Protection Team of Orange County (Florida), where she participated in a multidisciplinary meeting discussing concerns and considerations for current pending cases where children had been sheltered. Dr. Taylor served as an expert witness at The Family Law Section Trial Advocacy Workshop in Tampa, Florida. There, she assisted novice attorneys in identifying whether psychological evaluations were consistent with best practices and role-played in direct and cross-examination of expert witnesses. 

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